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I guess I must have missed this information as it just came to my attention.  The two Social Media sites, LinkedIn and Twitter are now working together.  The LinkedIn Blog has a posted from November 9th announcing the partnership.

The deal is that you can update your status in LinkedIn and it will tweet it for you in Twitter, also.  This way you are reaching more people with your information.

Twitter is really becoming the place to become connected in my opinion.  Companies like Ford Motor have their own Social Media employees,  who are getting Tweets out regularly.  These Social Media experts for many Companies are aware of the benefits that the LinkedIn site has as well.  There are possible job opportunities on LinkedIn in almost every arena of the business world, and many companies are using these resources.

The information on the web is overwhelming at times.  I know that more and more I feel on information overload.  I read somewhere today, there are over 200 million blogs out there!

In my opinion, it is an amazing feat to have instant access to information that’s happening Now on Twitter.  But, to have LinkedIn connected in this new way, it will make the possibilities for job opportunities for everyone increase.  ~ Anita


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Check it out – An article below talks about Mom’s having the abilities to enter the business world through social media and other virtual business opportunities. 

They talk about how moms are the shoppers of the family, so they know what to buy, what the ‘right’ sales pitch is to get to your customers, and how to be able to negotiate and sell ‘vegies’ to her children, which is a marketable trait.  I totally loved this. 

As a new Virtual Assistant with TKM Virtual Services, and a mom, my oldest is 21 and youngest is 11 – with 1 in the middle, I feel that I have skills that are marketable.  Of course, for me, it helps to have had about 15 years in the Business world prior to and in the earliest days of my children. 

Let me know what you think Moms!  Yours – Anita

Mom’s – Good Internet Marketers – from a follower friend of mine on Twitter – Sam Sorenson

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I found this website through my awesome Twitter connections.  I have pasted his article below and his website.  I was really moved by this as I personally feel this way.  If you fail, try again; don’t be afraid to make a mistake. 

As a Girl Scout Leader, I teach the Girls from their mistakes that they can learn how to do it the next time better.  It matters not if it is camping or planning a trip; each time you can improve.

This is also an applicable philosphy in Business and Social Media.  As a Virtual Assistant, I am learning that maybe it’s better to post something and it not ‘be perfect’ than not to try.  I have been lucky enough to have friends and collegues that have advised me and encouraged me.  Then I get better at it from learning from them.  You just have to keep trying.

What do you think?  What is your idea of perserverance?

Great Website

NapoleonHillI think that everyone in their life fails at something. It is what we do after we fail that determines where we will end up in life. The truth of the matter is that we have all been conditioned to view failure as a bad thing. In reality, failure is nothing but a question. The question is, “Do I want this enough to try again?” We need to embrace failure. We should view it as a gauge that lets us know if we are ready to win. I promise you that at the end of every failing streak, there arises a winner, and once you become that winner, you will never change back. If you want your goal enough, just don’t give up and it will come to you.

Ask yourself this question, “how many times am I willing to try before I give up?” If you answer this question with a number, you will never reach your goal.

“Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.”Napoleon Hill

I think this is a Great One  “From Middle Class to Millionaire”

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