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Since I can remember as a little girl in First Grade, in Western Maryland, I have always been of belief that you should help others.  As a little girl I participated in many church and Girl Scout activities that I had the joy to help others.  From soup kitchens to sorting clothing for homeless, I believe  I’ve experienced a wide variety of helping others.  I have received more joy in these moments than in any other.

As a Virtual Assistant now, I am always searching through Social Media sites and I watch for those that are promoting helping others.  I was impressed with this video on YouTube about students helping others.  As a Girl Scout Troop Leader, I believe strongly in the Girls giving back to their communities and helping others.  I hope you will spend just a moment to watch this video:

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Virtual Magic

Patience and perseverance have a magical affect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.  John Quincy Adams

I Love this so much.  My new company that I am now officially working for is TKM Virtual Services – The Kingdom of Magic.  My wonderful owner, CEO and President, Kim A. Wesley, says that we will magically make your work get done right!  Our Faeries are here to work for you and spread pixie dust all over helping people.

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